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Rheumatoid Arthritis

Recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis

If you have read through this website before reviewing this page, you will have noticed that I have shared the following things:

  • Who I am and why I have created this website
  • The approach I have taken to successfully recover from my severe RA
  • Information to logically support this approach
  • Results - bloodwork and physical functionality

If this information makes some sense to you, below are some recommended next steps.

  • Review the websites and studies/articles I've mentioned and learn more about this.
  • Read at least some of the books listed (Mansfield's would be a good one to start with in my opinion). If you can't find his book (it's out of print), take a look at this link which has the best information (by far) that I know of related to how to run an effective elimination diet. It would also be a good idea to read Robert McFerran's manuscript on the internet which will give you some background related to this approach (links below).
    Chapters 1 - 3
    Chapters 4 - 6
    Chapters 7 - 9
    Chapters 10 - 12
    Chapters 13 - 15
  • Ask me questions - I'll do my best to answer.
  • Tell me something from your experience - I'll be happy to listen. No one has all the answers, including me.
  • If you want to ask advice and remain anonymous , go to Dr. Stoll's bulletin board and post under an alias if you wish. Your questions will be answered (for FREE), much of the time during the same day.
  • Print this information and take it to your doctor or rheumatologist. Chances are he/she will not be familiar with it, but it's best to communicate it and start a discussion. My guess is that they will not have much good to say about the approach, but as you have seen, I have gotten fantastic results and I got them by taking VERY few risks - definitely MUCH less than are included in the typical drug-based approach.
  • If you want/need the personal attention of an expert, contact Robert McFerran at (As Robert is very busy attempting to finish his book on RA, you may have a hard time contacting him in the near future.) I'll be honest with you. Robert is VERY knowledgeable, but is not a doctor by training. Of course, many MDs refer people to non-MD nutritionists every day (although Robert is much more than a nutritionist). If what you see here makes any sense to you, the lack of an MD degree should not stop you as mainstream medicine does not have the answers here. Robert's words to me several months ago: "if they followed the protocol, I have not seen ANYONE that did not improve." This covers hundreds of people over a several year time period. How many rheumatologists can say this?

I would personally recommend this as I have obviously had great success going this route. Robert will not accept payment for this service - I've tried to pay him. Actually I owe him much more than I can EVER repay. How much is your health worth?To you? To your family?

In case you're wondering, I've seen this approach work on people who have had RA for many years as well as those like myself who are in the early stages of the disease.

What are your risks here? You don't have to drop any DMARDs. The elimination diet described here has been successfully used on thousands of people. Of course, use your common sense and plan this out. Get your family and friends to support your efforts - this is important . Time and effort is required. It took me 3-4 months to see significant improvement. There is no "magic bullet."

Downside? Changing habits (especially eating) that are ingrained in all of us. This is the tough part for most people.

Upside? A chance to get better by dealing with more than the symptoms of RA. Once you start experiencing improvements, the effort you made to stop eating certain foods and learn relaxation techniques becomes MUCH more worthwhile.

What do you have to lose? YOUR RA

Will you act on this information?

The choice is yours...Joseph

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